Seize the opportunity.

We encourage our colleagues in a conscientious and individual manner. They receive all the support they need to develop their talent and discover new potential both professionally and personally. We want them to become partners in our firm. The diverse programmes we have on offer pave the way for this.   

Ideen. Perspektiven. Chancen ergreifen

Work-life balance.

For us, performance, personal commitment, outstanding professional competence and striving for success are the things that matter. We are aware that this can only be achieved by providing room to manoeuvre and flexibility. Professional and private life need to be balanced if long-term ambitious goals are to be achieved. That’s why we offer modern ways of working that suit both sides.

Ehrgeiz. Leistung. Freiraum


We trust our employees. We trust their personalities and their desire to succeed. And we offer them the opportunity early on to develop their personal potential. We delegate responsibility to our associates in a varied and challenging environment which is defined by national and international clients. This way, we can support our employees’ development.   

Vertrauen. Verantwortung. Verlässlichkeit

Without much ado.

It is our teamwork that makes us so successful across specialized areas, locations, and hierarchies. Success is always a team achievement! At the same time, however, we know how important individuality and diversity is. We need both of these to achieve our ambitious goals. Nobody has to change who they are in order to belong.

Luther - Individuell. Gemeinsam. Ohne Allüren