Talent Management

The term talent describes both a special ability, as well as a person with special abilities – always in connection with the willingness to deliver an outstanding performance. Talents are constantly on the go. They are always on the look-out for challenges, purpose and responsibility. Talents view life-long learning as the actual success factor and work on their abilities continuously. This is how they make competence out of knowledge.

We are looking for talents who are highly qualified and fit into the corporate culture of Luther. 

Career start
To ensure that your career start does not end up being a false start, introductory training is carried out during practical work with clients. Personal support by a partner guarantees the know-how transfer.

Performance evaluation
We support our talents by providing regular feedback regarding professional and personal cooperation and development. The foundation for this is our Luther competence model. Transparent standards regarding our expectations for each career step provide orientation as to how a talent is developing and exactly which development measures still have to be targeted. This provides a schedule for further career development.

Learning & developing
To enable talents at Luther to unfold their full potential, we invest in their advanced training. With the Luther academy programme, as well as numerous other internal and external events, we expand our employees’ know-how, nurture their strengths and give them the opportunity to minimise weaknesses to open up perspectives for the next step.

Career moves
Every career move within our career model is linked to increased responsibility. Naturally, the remuneration increases accordingly.

Goals are not always achieved. It can happen that we have to go separate ways, without there being a negative assertion regarding the quality and appreciation of performance. The manner in which difficult situations like these are mastered, says a lot about the company culture. As it is also in our interest for the career path to be continued quickly and in a targeted manner, we also offer our support during reorientation if required. As you know, you always meet twice in life.